Holiday Promotional Product Ideas

Promotional products have long proven to be exceptional marketing tools. For existing clientele as well as prospective clients or customers, promotional gifts can make a difference. They can also help bolster an employee’s loyalty and work production. For existing customers and employees alike, promotional products say “Thank you for being with us; we appreciate your patronage and/or loyalty.” The inherent value of promotional products has never been more powerful or effective.

Relate to Your Business

The holiday season is a superb opportunity to express thanks, embodying not only the spirit of the holidays, but showcasing your company’s enthusiasm and personality. With an extensive array of options to choose from these days, saying thank you has never been easier. However, the best options to consider are promotional products that relate to your company if possible, either overtly or subtly. For example, if you are an I.T. company, flash or USB drives are ideal. If you sell apparel, perhaps an umbrella might be perfect.

While an etched coffee mug with your company’s logo is certainly appropriate and more than likely to be used, a little ingenuity goes a long way. Try and link up your promotional product to your business creatively like this:

  • Real estate – tote bag or lap blanket
  • Automobiles – keychain with flashlight
  • Travel agency – unique travel bag tags
  • Sporting goods – backpacks, compass, sports bottles
  • Insurance – smoke detector, first aid kit

Real, Practical Value is Crucial

Of course, there is a large number of generic items available as well as customized items that could actually be chosen by the recipient. Perhaps your company could have a number of promotional products available on your company website. Your customers or employees could go to the website and select the one most appropriate to their lifestyle, favorite activity, or hobby. The important factor is that the recipient actually use the promotional item as frequently as possible and, hopefully, in the presence of others who might be impressed to inquire about the gift.

While promotional products are not free for your business, the appreciation of your clientele and employees is priceless. In addition, having your company’s name out there, especially around the holidays, is certainly a good thing. Do your customers and your business a favor; consider holiday promotional items as part of your next marketing campaign.