Logo Merchandise Crushes Other Forms of Advertising

It is amazing how often small business owners or even executives in large companies try to make advertising decisions without as much information as they truly need. Unless you’re really a trailblazer in your industry, there should be some statistics and research into what your marketing strategy entails and whether it has been effective in the best.

Fortunately, the folks at the Promotional Products Association International designed a survey and brought in an independent researcher to determine just how effective logo merchandise was at getting customers to remember brands and then act on their memory.

Not only could nearly 90 percent of individuals within a two-year window remember the brand name on the logo merchandise that they had received, but those who did were way more likely to make a purchase as a result of that form of advertising than some traditional forms. For example, viewing a print ad generated a sale about 13 percent of the time, while a television commercial caused action around 7 percent of the time. Online advertising checked in at less than 5 percent.

Logo merchandise, on the other hand, generated a rate of more than 20 percent. That’s nearly three times as effective as television advertising. Likewise, more than half of those people who received logo merchandise had a positive view of the company or brand. That rate was only about one in three for print advertising and around 28 percent for television commercials.

Well over half of all respondents also used the logo merchandise on more than one occasion, and about 12 percent of the items made their way into the hands of someone else either to be borrowed or gifted. In all, about 72 percent of items were being used one way or another.