Make Your Corporate Promotional Items Count

There’s a reason that businesses in the United States of America spend about $20 billion every year giving away corporate promotional items, according to the New York Times. A writer there interviewed experts about how to select the right corporate promotional items, and how to brand it in a way that would be most impactful for your business.

One of their suggestions was to go for utility. You’re trying to come up with an item that your target audience will use frequently, as it will put you on their mind over and over. It’s not quite that simple though, as you also want them to use it in the place where they will make a decision about whether or not to buy your product or service. If that’s at their desk, you have a lot of options such as pens, pencil holders, paperweights and mouse pads. If they are making those decisions elsewhere, you may have to be more creative.

You also want to stand out as much as possible, so try to be willing to be a bit edgy and think outside the box. Think of it this way. People get a ton of simple items, such as pens. They also lose them frequently. As a result, you’re less likely to be remembered for a pen. Come up with something that will stand out.

Don’t only give them your logo. Research has shown that people like to use items with their own name on them, so consider putting a personalized message on the item. A customized thank you with your brand name might be a great way to both recognize business a client has given you in the past and butter them up for future business.

Finally, try to avoid any items that will be thrown away quickly. For example, putting a logo on the wrapper to food or beverages isn’t really effective, because it ends up in the garbage almost immediately.