Multi-Ply Face Mask with Elastic Loops

Face Mask

This face mask is made of 3 different layers of material. This mask should be used for protection from large particles of hazardous fluids while protecting the wearers from respiratory emissions.

Highlights: Washable and Reusable! 12 colors to choose from!
N95 masks are in very limited supply, our masks can be worn over top of N95 masks to preserve and extend the life of the N95 masks to make them more reusable over time.

Material: 3 Plys consisting of a Polyester Outer Lining, 1/8″ Foam Middle Bearer, Polyester Inner Lining


PLEASE NOTE: In the midst of this global pandemic Health Care Professionals, both local and nation-wide, are in need of additional resources. Masks, gowns, hand sanitizers, and etc. The government has called and asked manufacturers capable of producing these types of products to get underway. We are answering their call and are ready to do our part! This mask is not a respirator and not be used to filter small particles in the air. Not approved for surgical use. Can be used in addition to FDA approved masks to preserve and extend the life of N95 masks.

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