People Have Impressive Retention for Advertising Products

Most people like getting free stuff. That first fact isn’t going to be life changing for you, but what follows could give you some great ideas about how to use advertising products for your business. As it turns out, not only do 83 percent of individuals surveyed in research conducted by the Promotional Products Association International remember receiving a promotional item, but they also remember the advertiser at an impressively high rate.

The 2009 study found that 89 percent of people could remember the brand name from the advertising products, while 94 percent remembered having received something in the last year. Nearly half of all people wish they were given advertising products more often, while more than two-thirds of surveyed individuals said they usually keep the promotional product.

That means that they may be an even better investment than advertisers and companies realize, as the retention rate is extremely high. Ask anyone from television and radio executives to advertisers to elementary school teachers. A lot of what people hear or see goes in one ear and out the other, never to be recalled again. Getting almost 90 percent of your audience to remember your brand name in a survey going back two years is really impressive. Most also like receiving products, even if they don’t necessarily like the product itself, so you’re going to be generating a lot of positive feelings toward your brand name.

That’s really the point of it and the long-term value. By giving away free stuff, you’re putting your brand name on people’s minds and giving it a positive connotation. As a result, when the time comes to do some business in your field, you could be top of mind in a very good way.

As for what types of advertising products surveyed individuals said would have the biggest impact on them, they were on the expensive end and included MP3 players, food baskets, clocks, watches, luggage and digital picture frames.