Most Popular and Unique Promotional Items

Research by the Promotional Products Association International has identified some of the most popular unique promotional items among people who have received promotional gifts recently, but it does not necessarily prove that certain gifts are more effective than others. What it does prove is that customers prefer certain types of gifts.

For example, food gifts were favored by 58 percent of respondents, but they may be less effective than other gifts due to their shorter shelf life. So, how can you be a bit more unique and take advantage of that preference? Offer a food item, but pair it with a lasting item that you’re either using to contain the product or to help them consume it. For example, you might send someone a desktop pencil holder with a bag of candy in it, or a coffee mug with some tea in it. These items play on potential customers’ preferences for food items, while also ensuring that they keep your branding around for a longer period of time.

Digital items are also increasingly popular now, getting positive responses from about 46 percent of people. Mouse pads and flash drives are among the favorites, but flash drives are less and less impactful these days. If you want to stick to unique promotional items, you could go for a branded cell phone accessory, such as a case or a hands-free headphone set.

A large number of people also respond positively to safety items, and it doesn’t get much more unique than a little bit of pepper spray or a fire extinguisher. It may not be quite as useful for most customers, but they’ll remember it and that’s part of the point. As a bonus, if they actually do have to use it, you’re having a major impact on their well being and they’ll remember that!