How Promotional Products Compares to Other Advertising

Long established as an acceptable form of advertising, promotional products has ensured its place in the marketing plan. Everybody likes freebies, and effective marketing has always included the concept of offering free items to promote sales. However, the question in many corporate and small business offices has been the effectiveness of promotional products versus other forms of advertising. Is it really worth it? Do the rewards equal the expense and trouble?

The British Promotional Merchandise Association, or BPMA, felt it was a valid question and decided to look into it. Research was done and the results were pretty amazing. They found out that the effects of offering promotional products were much more than adequately effective. In fact, they discovered that the benefits of campaigning with promotional products far outweighed the benefits of direct mail, television, print and even online advertising. And not by a slim margin, but by overwhelming percentages!

Customers felt infinitely more appreciated by promotional items marketing. The figures clearly indicate the effectiveness:

  • Online advertising – 8 percent of customers felt appreciated.
  • Print – 8 percent felt the love.
  • Direct mail – 9 percent felt appreciated.
  • TV – 11 percent felt appreciated.
  • Promotional gifts – A full 64 percent knew they were appreciated.

Customers felt six times more appreciated when receiving even a small, inexpensive promotional item.

How about customer loyalty? Again, customers who received promotional products proved to be more loyal, openly patronizing those generous companies and businesses that provided thank you or welcome gifts:

  • Direct mail – 6.4 percent
  • Online advertising – 7.9 percent
  • Print – 8.7 percent
  • TV – 16.9 percent
  • Promotional items – 60.1 percent

The final and most important factor was taking action, actually buying something as a result of an advertising campaign. The results are very telling:

  • Direct mail – 8.9 percent
  • Print – 9.8 percent
  • Online – 11.2 percent
  • TV – 19.4 percent
  • Promotional products – 50.7 percent

When it comes to increasing awareness, customer appreciation, customer loyalty and concrete sales, a campaign that features promotional products will win every time. It’s simple: people love to feel that a company or business values their patronage. They want to feel that virtual hand reach out to welcome them. Promotional gifts do that and elicit great results in the end.