Which Promotional Products Are Kept The Longest?

It is widely accepted that promotional products are effective marketing tools. They help keep the business or brand on the customer’s mind, sometimes subtly, other times more pro-actively. Whether the target audience is a client, or a prospective client-to-be, promotional products are an excellent, economical way to thank or woo them. People like to know that their patronage is valued and desirable; promotional products duly send that message. However, as with everything else in business and life, not all things are created equal; some promotional items tend to be more effective than others.

Discretionary Marketing

While the benefits of promotional gifts are undeniable, it is imperative to recognize that some items tend to hang around longer. Their significance and uniqueness ensure both usage and longevity, which are the bottom line goals for promotional products. You definitely want the item to be more relevant to the recipient’s day. Although pens, paperweights, watches, desk clocks and golf tees are creative options, research indicates that they don’t hold the recipient’s attention that well. The result is less of a sales increase as previously believed.

Not Everything Works

The key to a successful promotional gifts campaign is usefulness and relevance. The items should prove to be something that will be a strong consideration for specific situations, optimally on a daily basis. They should also be relevant to anybody. For example, while golf tees are clever, their usefulness is limited only to golfers, and too often they get broken during play anyway. Pens, unless they are high quality, expensive models, either get misplaced or run out of ink and are tossed out.

Think Universal Relevance

Conversely, items like umbrellas are something that most people need, and may be taken to work each day for those just-in-case-it-rains days. Both men and women have a need for them. Likewise, USB drives are also useful and extremely relevant to anybody who uses a computer at work or at home, which is the vast majority of the public. Even coffee mugs are proven to be popular promotional products, tending to be used daily by one and all.

With the vast array of promotional products available, their effectiveness is unquestionable. However, according to the latest research, the public is now accustomed to the concept of promotional products, and has become more discriminating. The astute marketing manager will keep that in mind when considering their next promotional marketing campaign.