Could Some Sweet Promotional Items Win You Customers?

There is an old saying about the way to a someone’s heart is through the stomach, but let’s just be honest – we’ve all been susceptible to a little bit of food-based emotion at one point or another. That’s why using candy as a promotional item can be such an impactful strategy.

It goes way beyond trying to bribe your potential customers with a little candy bar, though. You can do it with gusto, by printing your own logo or message on some candy and giving it away. Can you think of any sweeter promotional items?

Mars Incorporated, the company that makes M&Ms, actually offers this service already. When using candy such as M&Ms for promotional items, you have some additional options. You could put a more generic message on the candy, such as a thank you message. You could also simply put a brand name or logo. Just remember that you’re limited by the size of the candy. Obviously you’re going to have a tough time turning M&Ms into promotional items with your address, phone number and logo all listed.

Never the less, people can make an emotional connection through candy, and their sweet tooth can give them some positive reinforcement toward your brand. There aren’t many more creative, intriguing promotional items out there than customized candy.

In a similar vein, you could give away a baked item with your logo or a message on it. Of course, while a big cake might give you the most room for messaging, it also gets cut into pieces and begins disappearing piece by piece. A cupcake, cookie or smaller item gives you less space but each person taking one will get the full message, at least until they bite in.