How to Thank Your Clients During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most treasured, honored holidays in America. It’s a time to reflect on the bounties that have been bestowed upon us. It’s an occasion to feel and express a heartfelt thanks to family, friends and neighbors for their presence and support throughout the year. For businesses, it’s an opportunity to express gratitude to clients and customers for their patronage and support.

A Great Reminder

Families interact personally throughout the year with phone chats, visits, anniversaries, birthdays and other family gatherings. While businesses offer sales, discounts and rewards, they rarely have an opportunity to share a personal, intimate moment with patrons and clientele. Sending a greeting card is an awesome way to remind clients and customers that their patronage is truly appreciated. It’s especially apropos on the one annual occasion that epitomizes gratitude for what we have.

How many businesses actually do that you might ask. The answer only serves to reinforce the value of incorporating the custom into your business practice. Breaking new ground is what successful commercial enterprise is all about. Being one of the very few gives your business the edge you want. Sending Thanksgiving cards to the people that support and patronize your business is not only an effective way to express thanks, it’s also an effective way to remind them that you are still in business and successful.

Effective Promotion for Pennies

It is especially important for small businesses, as they may not have mass marketing dollars in their budget. Generally speaking, their presence is less visible to the public. So any opportunity to connect with clientele is a plus.

When your card is received and displayed, it will be seen by visiting friends and family who will probably smile at the thoughtfulness. Certainly that might inspire conversation about the lovely, thoughtful card and your business. With the holiday shopping season coming around the corner, it won’t hurt to have your business name on the minds of potential new customers or clients.

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